High quality raw materials

In order to get high quality products, it is essential to use the best raw materials. With a history of over 160 years, Möller’s has gained experience and trained generations of experts for the processing of fish oil and cod liver oil. They know where they can find quality raw materials and how to turn them into the best products.


Möller’s cod liver oil is obtained from the Norwegian Wild Arctic cod, caught between Lofoten and Vesteralen, on the Norwegian coast of the Arctic, where the cleanest cold waters in the world are found (the level of toxins and impurities is minimal). The cod arrives here between February and April to spawn. They are then hunted by local fishermen in the most controlled way – according to the applicable legislation and there are no threats to the species. Even if only the liver is taken from the cod, nothing is thrown away, the rest of the fish is used for food (sold at local shops and restaurants). 

The cod is delivered daily by local fishermen to Lofoten and Vesteralen and is processed within a maximum of 24 hours. The liver of the Norwegian wild arctic cod is an excellent raw material because of the size of the liver, the essential fatty acids Omega-3 (DHA and EPA) and vitamin D. Crude oil is sent to the Oslo plant, where it is further cleaned and tested in terms of the content of omega-3 fatty acids, the degree of purity, etc.